ReWritten (a work in progress)

ReWritten, conceived of by Tom Truss and co-created and performed with Matthew Cumbie, explores the work of and intimate relationship between American authors Nathaniel Hawthorne and Herman Melville. Based on the lives, work, and still-existing correspondence, ReWritten ignites the desire between these two that got erased. Through found and original text, music and movement, ReWritten reimagines a queer love story across generations that gives shape to American literature when a country still forming and the word ‘homosexual’ had not yet been coined.

Summer 2020 Updates:

Following a brief creative residency in the Berkshires in February 2020, and a virtual creative residency (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) in May 2020, ReWritten continues to grow, expand, and deepen. Below is a brief excerpt from February 2020, and a list of the growing creative team:

Co-creators and performers: Tom Truss & Matthew Cumbie
Collaborative creative team includes: Roma Flowers (projection design), Diane Samuels (visual design), Larry Burke (film direction), Katherine Stubbs (dramaturgical and research direction)

To learn more about this work-in-progress, and how you can connect with or further its development, email us at