Queer Constellations

Inspired by the stories and experiences of 80-year-old Andy Torres, Queer Constellations (2020) creates a kaleidoscope of images, people and places to ask: what stories are held in our minds, hearts and bodies? And how do we pass those on? Part documentary, part dance film, this docudance reflects on intergenerational queer community building and touches on the importance and necessity of connections between LGBTQ+ people of different ages.

Co-directed by Matthew Cumbie (choreographic direction) and Jessica Hale (film direction)

Performances by: Kat Bell, Tiffany Bierly, Matthew Cumbie, Abby Farina, Tyler French, Jessica Hale, Mollie Miller, Atiah Ozturk, Bikem Ozturk, Darryl Pilate, Juliana Ponguta, Melissa Sanderson, Robert Sacheli, Andy Torres, and Sam Trombly

Music by Andy Torres, and Michael Wall with Jordan Chiolis

Production Support by Asiyah Martin

This project was created with support from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities

Screenshot of Andy Torres in Queer Constellations